The Earth is Flat

Always question authority.

I know what you may be thinking. You may be wondering yourself who in heck still believes the earth is flat, because of satellite images of course displaying the sphere like shape of our beloved planet. HOWEVER- hear me out here. Who is providing us with the only accessible photos of the earth from space? NASA, a government owned agency. All authority must be questioned. Just because some old men you don’t know plaster an image in front of you and force you to believe it does not mean you should comply. Join me to delve deeper into the hypothesis that the earth is simply not round. For instance, the supposed satellites in space can only see up to 3% of the earth at a time and therefore must photoshop the pieces together in order to create a whole, according to Robert Simpson (NASA lead data visualizer). NASA utilizes this excuse to explain the repeated cloud structures and glitches within their provided pictures of the earth, and even if it is round (it’s not), we aren’t even seeing a true composite images, but an inaccurate puzzle pieced together. If you are not familiar with the layout of the flat earth, it consists of the North Pole as a small circle in the middle, the continents surrounding, and the “ice wall” known as Antarctica all around the edges. In 1959, the Antarctic Treaty System was signed by 12 major countries, prohibiting any human activity (including military) in Antarctica. Coincidence? I think not. There is nothing beyond Antarctica’s ice wall and they want to keep us out. No one has ever made it to Antarctica to cross the ice wall and lived to tell the tale, not to mention planes never fly over Antarctica because there is NOTHING BEYOND IT. On a plane ride from the Philippines to Los Angeles (which would be a straight shot), when a woman’s water broke and the plane had to make an emergency landing, they immediately stopped in Alaska. While according to the round earth this geographically makes zero sense, when looking at the flat earth model, Alaska would logically be right on the way. You may be wondering if this flat earth theory is true, how would earth’s proven magnetic poles be existent if there is no North and South Pole? Well, ring magnets are capable of having what is called radial magnetization. In this circumstance, one magnetic pole is at the center of the circle and the other is at all points on the edge. If you are not already convinced, while Religion alone is not solely responsible for explaining the ways of the earth for most people, the theory can be further be explained as almost every ancient religion believed in the flat earth and preached about its existence. There are multiple examples within the Old Testament of the Bible that illustrate the earth as a flat plane with a dome overtop, as Genesis states that there were the waters and the sky, and then a firmament which divided the waters from above the firmament from the ones above, and called this firmament heaven. There are also many referrals to the “4 corners” of the earth, alluding to the fact that it is indeed a flat plane. The government wants to manipulate people into believing that we are seemingly insignificant dust particles flying through space with no real purpose other than that we coincidentally ended up on earth, thus eliminating our sense of purpose and altering our focus into our material-driven world. Up until a few years ago, there was much information available online to explore the flat earth theory – and now when this topic is googled it solely presents sources discussing how ridiculous and radical the theory is. If this claim was so vastly insane, why would the government take action to limit its support?