What a Freshman might say about Wall Day

Disclaimer: This is not about a certain class of freshmen, but all freshmen.


This is a picture of the freshmen wall in 2019.


The day started off with so much excitement, but also fear. I got all dressed up and my mom took a picture of me. I am so excited to see everybody’s wall themes because the seniors have been keeping their’s secret for months now. 

Yesterday I stayed after school and helped decorate our wall. We put up a couple of posters on the wall and streamers. I am very proud of our decorating skills. I even bought a shirt from amazon to go along with the wall theme. 

So the morning is finally here. Upperclassmen have been telling me to be scared, but I think I will be fine. I got on the bus and all my friends complimented me on my shirt. After hours on the bus and it breaking down, we finally got to school and were greeted by the best costume party ever. We enter in the back of the school and go up to our wall. Everybody is playing music and it is like a rave. I take some pictures in front of our wall with some friends. A couple of us decide to break out and see the other grade’s walls. Wow. I had no idea. This is nothing like spirit week at my middle school.

The first wall we go to is the junior’s wall. It was really good. They had like props and a huge centerpiece. I thought it was just supposed to be decorations on the wall. This is crazy. Then I head down the middle staircase into the seniors’ wall and WOWZA! It is an engineering masterpiece. They have so many structures that they built. They also covered the lights to make it dark in the atrium. It really perfects the ambiance. All of the seniors are dressed so cool. The vibes of everything is awesome. Next, we head over to the sophomores wall and it is cool, but not as good as the seniors. Everybody’s walls were amazing. 

At the pep rally, the seniors’ entrance was so loud. They used their whistles and my eardrums are still bleeding. The pep rally was fun because we recognized all of the fall sports. At the end of the event, the study body taught us how to do the AMHS cheer. Overall, the day was by far the best day of the year. I can’t wait for coming home and competing against the other grades again!