The Life of YNW Melly

A Modern Tragedy


Jamell Demons, formally known as rapper YNW Melly, was born in Gifford Florida on May first of 1999. In his early years of high school, he realized he wanted to pursue rap as a career and began releasing singles on the rap outlet Soundcloud where beginners can put their work out to the world. He began seeing his first success in 2018 with his project Virtual (aka Blue Balenciagas) which he released while he was in prison (God knows how that works). He has had many small legal troubles in his past. He has had two charges with a possession of marijuana and served jail time for shooting into a crowd of students. His talents attracted a rap legend by the name of Kanye West. He and Kanye produced a single by the name of Mixed Personalities which peaked at number 42 on the US billboard. His most famous song although came in his album I Am You. It goes by the name of Murder on my Mind and details the graphic killing of a man who spooked him in a store. The song peaked at number 14 on the US billboard and made Melly a household names. Sadly, Melly did have murder on his mind.

We gon pull up with them sticks and hop out with them choppers”

— Melly

On February 13th, Melly was arrested in Fort Myers, Florida as a suspect in the double homicide of his fellow gang members YNW SakChaser and YNW Juvy. The two had supposedly died in a drive by shooting where Melly was driving. He took the two to the hospital where they were later pronounced dead. Authorities investigated further into the drive by and concluded the fatal gun shots had come from the driver seat. Melly drove around with the two bloody dead bodies for hours before taking his friends to the hospital. Before the hospital visit, the car was taken to a secure location where Melly and other YNW gang members shot up the car to make it look like an outside job. This is a statement released by the Florida police departments and none of this information is yet confirmed and does not serve as any substantial evidence at this point.

He is currently awaiting trial. Sadly, he is also the main suspect in the gruesome killing of a police chief in Florida. The judge is seeking the death penalty for the rapper which has loyal fans and friends up in arms. Hopefully YNW Melly is innocent of these charges