Starting Our Own Business

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Starting Our Own Business

Max and Sam Lawn Care

How it started

We started with a few lawns that some friends handed down once they were headed off to college. Managing the schedule was difficult at first as we had to sort out all of the houses based on location and price. We picked up a few lawns along the way; neighbors would either  presentus with offers or we’d go door to door asking for business. Sam became my business partner when I posted an “advertisement” on snapchat where I asked the public “Who wants to earn $1000?” He slid up on my story and we’ve been rollin’ in dough ever since.


Riding Mower- Max

Push Mower- Sam

Weed Eater- Max

Edger- Sam

Blower-one of us, depending on who finishes first

What we do

First, we contact all of our customers before we arrive to let them know we are coming to mow so they are not surprised when we show up to work. We begin by mowing all of the grass in the lawn then weed eating all of the small patches. We then edge to sidewalks with the edgers and edge the beds with the weed eater. We finally blow the leaves off the street and sidewalks to finish up the job. Typically, Sam mows the areas with the push mower that Max can not reach with the riding mower. Sam also edges and blows the entire yard. Max uses the riding lawn mower and weed eats the entire yard. The homeowner either Venmos Max or pays in cash. We split the money right down the middle. We have about 25 lawns that we mow once a week, mostly on Daniel Island and a few right off of Clements Ferry Road.

Coming up

We have suspended our business since the beginning of November, and we are close to being ready to start up again. We closed down during winter because the grass does not really grow during this season. We hope to expand our ventures into the Park Circle area this season, as last season we mostly stayed on Daniel Island and Clements Ferry. We are hoping to find a lot more customers in Park Circle that are willing to pay a fair price for our job.

If you or someone you know needs their lawn cared for this spring/summer and you live in Daniel Island, Clements Ferry, or Park Circle please contact us for an estimate.

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