“Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive, and Dodge!”

Friday 10/17/14: Thomas the Dank Engine vs. Block A

C. Mason Proctor

“Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive, and Dodge!” The 5 D’s are what are on Academic Magnet students’ minds this week as the dodgeball season has started. “3-2-1 Dodgeball!” The season opens up with Basagna facing an aggressive Block B who ended up slipping by ultimately winning two out of three close games. Next BTW played Pirch’s Punishers who actually had limited punishment abilities losing, two and out. Ballsagna, Block A, Wolves of Ballstreet, and Team Name is Irrelevant are teams to keep an eye out for in the upcoming season. After the regular season The Dodgeball Federation and Whut it Do Productions are working together to host a tournament that should be the best one yet. The tournament will be a Round Robin and will hopefully accurately represent the best teams and give every team a fair chance at the trophy and this year’s title as the 2014 DBF AMHS Leyendas de La Cancha. The schedule is posted weekly but you can check out this year’s rosters below.

Pirch’s Punishers
Helena Upshaw
Kevin Walsh
Ashby Stoudenmire
Bailey Winter
Aiden Gomez
Dillan Dryman
Alec Waring
Lauren Cuppyas

Team Name is Irrelevant
Andrew Wong
Andrew Alberg
Steven Wright
Thomas Lehman
Will Tonks
Hannah Waddell
Zach Bodek

Nelson Mandodgers
Nate LeRoy
Joao DaCosta
Alex Pastis
Jack Barna
Capers Borders
Erin Schnell
James Reding

Money River
Chris Schultz
Charles Rainero
Ella Berger
Luke Beall
Leonardo A
Coleman Richards

Wolves of Ballstreet
Cole Shubert
Andy Turner
Mason Proctor
Buckley McCall
Chris Camp
Zach Parker
Leslie Thelan
Eva Newman

Ailish Sykes
Leslie Thelan
Becca Bosch
Caroline Smith
Eva Newman
Ben Sewell

Zach Parker
Chris Sacha
Vaibhav Mohanty
Sloan Nietert
Reece Moore
Connor Woods
Andrew Bruce
Helena Guo
Bertrand Zhang

Carter Shubert
Campbell Long
Jack Heeke
Ben Waters
Zach Hunters
Gabi Rauls

Thomas the Dank Engine
Christian Long
Matthew Borland
Anthony Spyropoulos
Sashank Sakamuri
Alex Rovner
Leotie Hakkila

The Hash-Slinging Slashers
Adam Ziff
Nick Price
JJ Odeal
Seth Dominiak
Emma Ladd
Ashley Newbold

Kyle McRae
Sam Short
Simeon Hallman
Daniel Nelson
Trey Perry
Gwyneth Bradley

Block A Team
Adam Ackerman
James Yon
Josh Mitchell
Reece Moore
Choral Linhart
Nick Nybo
Kyle Saavedra

Block B Team
Jake Sossamon
Henry Flowers
Eric Bailey
Ryan Berlinsky
Colton Frankel
Lauren Baldo
Zach Swallhah

DC United

Potter Seibels
Ethan Linhart
Liam Christensen
Larry Johnson
Chris Moss

Jackson Howe
Eliot Leadem
Earl Navarro
Michael Pi
Hannah Blanks
Jackson Bracy