Shark Dissection: A Venture into Fatherhood


The stench was unbearable. As we cut into the female shark, preservatives as well as other liquids filled the room with an ungodly smell. I remembered that sharks keep urine in their skin for buoyancy and nearly wretched at that thought. We had cut through the skin into the innards of the shark. Moving from the fins to the tail, we were able to identify individual parts. We made it to the ovaries, and fellow classmate Connor Macpherson sliced into the thin layer of flesh protecting it. However, his cut was too deep and the scalpel pierced through the egg. It was similar to the yolk of a hard boiled egg, solid and powdery. With gloved fingers he pulled it out. A cry went up as underneath it, we saw the pale white eyes of a baby shark. Connor pulled the first one out. Another classmate, Zachary Moody, pulled the second one out, which was attached to another egg-like orb. We thought that there were no others, but I reached in and found another egg. I carefully brought it into the world, and a third baby shark followed. We named them; Sharkbait, Jerome, and Bruce. The Talon Staff also interviewed Zach and Connor:

How did it feel to pull out the baby shark? Did you feel any pride or joy?

Zachary: I would say that the joy I had when finding Shark Bait can only be topped by earning a half-decent grade on an English quiz. I felt immense pride in this monumental achievement.

Connor: Pure ecstasy and excitement, I was so proud that i could save a life and be a father

Do you think that the brief experience of fatherhood is something you would like to experience later on in life?

Z:It was an excellent feeling. I plan on adopting many more sharks in my later years.  Once I am retired, I will be command the largest adopted shark army in the world.

C:Yes, I felt a sort a love i had never known in my life, real love. Not a love where people are just acting but something more, something I wish I had had in my own childhood, and I gave it to my son for 5 minutes max.

You chose to keep the shark baby after the dissection, can you tell me why?

Z:I planned on taking it home to show family, friends, neighbors, and the entire internet community. I also kept the shark eye (which I had popped out) so that the mother could always keep an eye on her son from afar.

C:I thought it would be funny, but people were creeped out so I threw him down a drain. My love is cold and unforgiving

At what point did you decide to get rid of the shark baby?

Z:Once the shark began to emit a repulsive odor, I knew no amount of love and care for little Shark Bait could keep away the foul stench. I disposed of the carcass in an undisclosed location after I held a quick memorial service. May he rest in peace.

C:Right when it started to smell like death

Two of the other members of the lab group also responded:

Were the baby sharks cute?

Rachael Stokes-Sure. it made me sad to find they never had a chance

Sarah Hudock-They had no life in their eyes and it was disturbing. More so than the adult shark itself