A Taste of 2019 New Year Resolutions


Abby Bonner: Write more scripts

Adriana Carter: Get into the college I want and be able to pay for it

Andrew Zimlich: Help the community

Anna Tortorici: Get a bigger butt

Annaliese Keller: Drink more water, become more productive and focus more on self care

Anne Claire Purcell: Eat less fast food

Ashley Bryan: Become more outgoing

Bryan Bracy: Not to be as quick to anger all the time

Cannon Yarborough: Not let my dreams be dreams

Caroline Young: Eat healthier

Chase Mitchum: Read more

Elizabeth Moseley: Go to bed before 3am on school nights

Hannah O: Be less violent

Janie O’Shea: Spend less time on social media so I can interact more with people in real life

Josh Cumins: Avoid an allergic outbreak for >5 weeks

Kate Kuisel: Marry Elon Musk in a Tesla in space

Lily O: Get better grades

Lily Wolf: Stay focused

Liza Allen: Actually get in shape and work out

Maddie Nguyen: Doesn’t need a resolution because I’m perfect the way I am

Malia Borg: Put myself first

Mason Bishop: Make friends in college

Max Windom: Be better than 2018

Morgan Southworth: Let go of toxic energy in my life and focus on the positive

Rachel Walmet: Stop procrastinating

Sam Maher: Impeach the president

Sarah Norman: Spend less time on my phone

Savannah Wray: Get into college

Skyler Ayres: Don’t fail out of math

Susannah Ryan: Plan ahead more