John Conley’s College Tour Overseas

John Conley’s college adventure throughout Europe


While many of us AMHS seniors are applying to Clemson, USC, and other regional universities, John Conley has very different aspirations. He skipped the turkey this past Thanksgiving break and went on a college tour throughout Europe, seeking the best Archaeology program in Europe. I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to talk to him about his journey through the EU.

Leiden, Netherlands. 

For his first stop, John went to Leiden, Netherlands for two days, where he saw Leiden University. Founded in 1575, Leiden University is the oldest institution in the Netherlands, as well as the college attended by the royal family.

John: “It was really pretty…I saw a lot of windmills and canals. I really liked the college because it was beautiful and old.”

John’s Rating: 10




Preston, England

Next stop was Preston, England, home to the famous University of Central Lancashire. Located in the center of Lancashire, England, it is known for its open, urban campus and high level of cultural diversity.

John: “It was a really cool and unique city with cool parts. I really liked the university and the city.”

John’s Rating: 9



Chester, England

Next John stayed in Great Britain to visit the University of Chester in Chester, England. The city of Chester was originally founded as a Roman fortress, and and is known for its Roman amphitheater and red sandstone walls, making it a great location for up-and-coming archaeologists.

John: “It was really beautiful…. lots of roman ruins and half timbered buildings. Not my favorite university and not considering it but I loved the location. Their program was not as far along as the other schools.”

John’s Rating: 7






Worcester, England

After Chester, John headed over to the University of Worcester. The urban campus is not far from the medieval Worcester Cathedral, home to several royal tombs, a crypt and cloisters.

John: “I really liked that school as well and the program and the city. The city had a really cool old Cathedral.”

John’s Rating: 9








Valletta, Malta

Lastly, John flew south of Italy to the picturesque island of Malta, home to the University of Malta. Located between Sicily and North Africa, the island country is known for its vast array of historic temples, fortresses, and burial chambers, making it an archaeologist’s dream come true.

John: I loved Malta. It had a really good program, however it wasn’t for me because it was very geared towards people who want to work in Malta the rest of their life.

John’s Rating: 8







Although the locations are far from home, all of the colleges he applied to teach their programs in English, so he won’t have to worry about learning a new language in his big transition. After his great journey around the EU, he is now considering Leiden, University of Worcester, and the University of Lancashire. After closely analyzing each of their Archaeology programs, he found those 3 programs best fit his interests. He has gotten into all of them, but hasn’t decided which of these amazing universities he is going to call home for the next 3 years.