10 Tips for Snapchat

Use them

I feel many of you youngin’s out there misuse this application. Many bad habits have been created and often times, the inexperienced are oblivious to the ins and outs of Snapchat. Below, I have 10 points of interest that could help you immediately.

  1. Streaks Pictures – If you are one of those kids who sends out a picture of a ceiling fan that is captioned “streaks,” “strx,” or “s,” you need to delete your account ASAP. Streak pictures are necessary to upholding their unspoken bond but please do not provide any text to your pictures. Simply send out 1-2 per day; if you hit 3 or more then you are drifting into annoying territory. Also, if someone has not responded to your streak picture for more than 2-3 days, then they do not want a streak with you. It’s that simple.
  2. Friend Emojis – Check under settings and change your friend emojis… It doesn’t serve any purpose really but does provide an opportunity for you to show your creative side and switch things up a little.
  3. Snap Map – Turn them things off unless you’re somewhere cool. Nobody really cares where you are or who you are with. Also, it’s just another government mind-control gig that slowly but surely gives up some of your freedom.
  4. Group Chats – They are fine every now and then for classes and the occasional get together but more often than not, they are horrible. Once 10 or more people get involved, they are just a constant flow of memes, snaps, and bitmojis that will drive you crazy.
  5. Group Chats (continued) – Please do not have a personal conversation with another person in a group chat. No one cares what you have to say and you’r probably making everyone’s phones go berserk when they’re trying to sleep. Be a lil more considerate.

    Do not have a personal conversation in a group chat”

    — Literally Everyone

  6. Stories (Part One) – Limit your story frequency to 3 per week. We all are guilty of those days where a bunch of crap is happening and you post a few in a day, but try to average it out.
  7. Stories (Part Two) – Always remember no one is going to watch your video… ESPECIALLY if they are more than 2 videos long. Do not put a minute long of you singing in the car or of two chicks fighting in the bathroom. We will just click through those things like our lives depend on it.
  8. Stories (Part 3) – Do not post an opinion of anything one your story with a black screen… It’s weird and you look conceited. Lastly, do not complain where EVERYONE can see it if it is directed at one person. And yes I mean you saying “Man people really be fake these days” and “Can’t trust nobody smh” and worst of all, the “Man today has been terrible.” Nobody feels bad for you and we are not your psychiatrist.
  9. Stories (Part 4) – If you can’t tell, I’m fairly passionate about Snapchat stories. My final recommendation for stories is for the ladies out there. Or the “confident” fellas out there. Stop posting stories with some dumb filter on it. Just because you’re a little distorted and your skin looks clearer, you probably won’t attract all the attention you’re looking for.
  10. Swiping up – Stop swiping up on those ^ stories and encouraging that behavior. 99.9% of the time, you are not the man she wanted to swipe up on her story. I am sorry to those whose dreams I have crushed but a lil dose of reality is good for everybody.

Look yourself in the mirror and try to fix your bad habits. Snapchat, when used correctly, is a wonderful thing. Just because I have written this article although does not mean I have an exemption from these sins. We are all guilty from time to time.

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