The Fate of 6ix9ine

Sam’s biography of the legendary 6ix9ine.


The up-and-coming rapper, Tekashi 6ix9ine, that burst onto the scene with his hit “GUMMO” in 2017 is now facing a minimum jail sentence of 32 years.


Daniel Hernandez, otherwise known as 6ix9ine, is an artist based out of Brooklyn, New York. His unique style of screamo-rap, fake gangster image, and internet personality attracted a sizable fanbase of younger boys. He first came to popularity with his debut song on spotify, Gummo. This song gathered up 100+ million plays on spotify, instantly making him an internet sensation. Later on, he released his debut tape, Day69: Graduation Day, in April 2018. Hit songs such as “BILLY” and “KEKE” further exploded his fame to the top of the rap game. Next, he released his smash hit single “FEFE” with Nicki Minaj to preview his second album. This song attracted a whole new audience to his fanbase, younger girls. As a result, this song has 300+ million plays on spotify. Next, he released his next single previewing his next album called “STOOPID” with Bobby Shmurda. This song was not as successful as “FEFE,” but it still racked up 90+ million plays on spotify. Sadly, he was arrested during this month but that did not stop his plans of releasing his second album this week, “DUMMY BOY.”

Gangster Image/Internet Beef:

Hernandez, besides his unique success with screamo-rap, created his own gangster image to the internet which likely contributed to his success more than his actual talent. In his appearance, he has rainbow hair, many tattoos (many of which say 69), and ridiculous diamond embroidered chains. In addition, his frequent use of vulgar language, gang symbols, and gang slogans (Tr3yway, King of New York), made him into the polarizing figure that he is today. Secondly, he often would spark beef with other important rappers/producers such as Trippie Redd, Pi’erre Bourne (producer of the Playboi Carti song “Magnolia”), Casanova, The Game, YG, and Chief Keef. The most important and the most troubling beef is with Trippie Redd, as they began as friends and collaborated on “Poles 1469” in Trippies Redd’s first mixtape “A Love Letter to You.” It began when Trippie Redd accused 6ix9ine of being a rapist once the allegations with a 13-year-old surfaced. Since then, it has escalated so much that 6ix9ine had his crew jump Trippie Redd on the street.

I think he deserves to be locked up.”

— Yarbs

Legal Troubles:

The start of 6ix9ine’s legal troubles were the child rape allegations he received in 2015. He and his lawyer escaped that situation without any jail time, but that forever stained his reputation as an artist. He stayed clean for about three years, but finally his gang persona and crap-talking caught up with him. He is now facing federal racketeering and firearm charges, which means 32 years minimum in prison. This could mean the end of the rapid rise of the polarizing 6ix9ine in the American rap community.

There is no denying that 6ix9ine is an entertaining and polarizing figure in popular culture today, but if someone is committing crimes such as these, no one should be excused.