One Direction Wraps Up Top-Grossing Global Stadium Tour


After a 7 month long tour, spanning from Europe to South America to the USA, One Direction’s stadium tour, Where We Are, has come to a close. Kicking off in Bogotá, Colombia in April, the tour has featured hit songs from the band’s three albums, Up All Night, Take Me Home, and Midnight Memories. They’re the first touring artists of 2014 to break the 200 million ticket sales barrier and have ranked 13th on the list of highest grossing concert tours of all time. Sandwiched between Madonna and Celine Dion, the One Direction boys are unquestionably the youngest artists on the list.

An international fanbase of viciously protective, enamored teenage girls is the main component of the band’s success, creating a concert experience unlike any other. The decibel level at one of these concerts has been measured and is as loud as standing next to a rocket launch. Tears are shed and screams resulting in minimal to no voice the following day are the norm at a One Direction concert. The band acknowledges this extreme dedication on stage, with endless amounts of gratitude and acknowledgement of how far they’ve come. With a mere 69 tour dates, they also have the least number of shows on the highest grossing list. In total, the band made $290,000,000 from the tour, and won’t be slowing down anytime soon with their fourth album release in November.