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Are You Crunchy or Creamy?

Whether it’s a staple in your pantry or your reason you carry around an Epipen, peanut butter is an undeniably iconic ingredient. From peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to ants on a log, those of us without peanut allergies are faced with one essential question: crunchy or creamy peanut butter? Is there a right answer? We may never know, so we took to the halls of Magnet to see what’s more popular: crunchy or creamy peanut butter?

Here are some of the best takeaways…

Kate Kuisel, senior, says, “First of all, I consider myself a texture person, and the texture of unfamiliar substances in my peanut butter puts me off. I value the finer things in life… clean water and smooth food. I’m like a patient in a hospital- it needs to go down smooth.”

Mrs. Hurt feels that, “Crunchy is always better,” and Kevin Boyd, senior, agrees, saying,  “Crunchy! Creamy peanut butter is like eating cement.”

Anne Claire, Senior, says “creamy always,” and Mrs. Vogel feels that “creamy is better; I don’t like how crunchy spreads on bread.”

Nola, freshman, says that “Creamy is better. Crunchy is just bad,” but Mrs. Langley feels that “creamy is too gummy. I like to use my teeth.”

Kedar, junior, says “creamy. I don’t know, the taste of hard peanuts is unappetizing.”

Simon, sophomore, says he like creamy “because it’s not crunchy,” and Marshall Fleming, freshman, says “I like creamy because I don’t like biting into peanuts.”

John Rowe, sophomore, thinks  “Creamy because it tastes better and I don’t like crunchy on toast.”

Lauren Osborne, junior, says “Creamy. Who likes crunchy?”

Lily, freshman, likes creamy because “It’s smoother and an instinct.”

Chase Mitchum, senior, says “I don’t want chunks in my regular butter, so why would I want it in my peanut butter?”

Mrs. Cornehl feels that crunchy is “Disgusting!” She likes  “Creamy, because if I wanted crunchy I would just eat peanuts! I don’t want to mix my textures,” but Mr. Johnston says that “Crunchy is the perfect marriage between peanut butter and peanuts.”

Mr. McCormick likes ”“Crunchy because I like to be able to chew it.”

Janie O’Shea, senior, likes crunchy because it’s got “a little bit of texture,” and Gia Braddock, senior, feels that Crunchy Peanut Butter is “a little more exciting.”

You may not believe this, but there are those unfortunate souls out there who have never tried crunchy peanut butter. For example, Adriana Carter says, “I’ve never tried crunchy, but I think I I would like it.” We can assure her, she will.  

Tori, senior, says “I think I prefer creamy peanut butter just because it’s constant, and the texture melds & spreads better with bread.”

Annie, senior, agrees due to a traumatic childhood experience: “Creamy because someone once told me companies put bugs in peanut butter for extra protein and I always associated the crunch with bugs when I was a kid.” Yikes!

Certain foods just tear people apart, and it’s fair to say Peanut Butter is one of them. We think crunchy is better because of its impeccable texture and crunch. Stay tuned for more of Magnet’s opinions on other polarizing foods like cilantro, olives, oysters, and orange juice.

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