For the Chicken Lovers

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For the Chicken Lovers

Some people say that the safest thing you can get at a restaurant you’ve never been to is chicken nuggets. In almost all fast food restaurants, they sell chicken nuggets or chicken tenders/strips. Sometimes it’s on the kids’ menu or the side of the menu that rarely anyone pays attention to because it’s not as eye-catching as the main menu. They don’t have large images displaying the food as the main menu does *shrugs shoulders*. Anyway, I decided to test chicken nuggets and chicken tenders to rate them out of 10 because hello, it’s food and food is fantastic.

Disclaimer: These ratings do not include customer service and the cleanliness of the restaurant. Also, these probably aren’t ALL the fast food restaurants. The restaurants listed below are ones I have tried before this article was published. There will possibly be a part two later on in the year. Additionally, these are MY experiences; yours maybe entirely different.

Chick-Fil-A (10/10)

This is probably almost everyone’s favorite place to go because their food, overall, is amazing. Their chicken nuggets and tenders are to die for, especially with their Chick-Fil-A sauce. Yummy! The bread of the chicken nugget and tenders (a.k.a the outside) isn’t all crunchy, it’s soft. Also, their chicken nuggets aren’t dry…ever. They have different sauces such as BBQ sauce and Chick-Fil-A sauce (as mentioned beforehand). Having various sauces to choose from is great. Plus, they have the little packs of mayonnaise, hot sauce, and have the squeeze-or-dip ketchup packet.

McDonald’s (10/10)

Let me tell you! People are definitely sleeping on (it means “missing out” in case you don’t know the slang version of “sleeping on”) my amigo Ronald McDonald. Despite his being a clown, McDonald’s chicken nuggets are stupendous. 20 chicken nuggets for $5? Count me in! Plus, their seasoning on the chicken doesn’t make me gag and it’s NOT DRY. Yes, I know I said that for Chick-Fil-A nuggets too, but dry nuggets are disturbing. Anyways, the bread on the chicken is good too. Crispy, not crunchy.

Wendy’s (4/10)

These nuggets… I don’t know what they put on it but that bread made me cry on the inside. It just wasn’t right. They were kind of dry too. I love Wendy’s, especially their burgers, but the nuggets just weren’t it for me. There was barely any flavor.

Kickin’ Chicken (2/10)

ALL TEA, ALL SHADE, FOLKS. That chicken was drier than the Atacama Desert and the prices. Oh God. Almost $10 for 8 chicken tenders. I mean, the price was not too bad but the quality of the chicken was not worth the price. Lord, there was no type of juiciness in the chicken, not even a hint of flavor on the outside. It was extremely bland. I personally did not like it. There were some parts that were semi-hard, which made me question how they cooked my chicken.

Raising Cane’s (7/10)

Their chicken tenders are pretty decent. Not too seasoned, not too bland. However, sometimes the chicken’s bread can be falling apart like the fall of Rome and makes a huge mess. It’s not a huge deal but personally, I don’t like making a huge mess because of food. Their Cane’s sauce is good. Though, some of my family believe that the sauce is “bitter”, I personally think the sauce is a great combination with the chicken.

So there you go, some chicken nugget/tender ratings. Be free to try these restaurants to your liking! Opinions always vary.

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