Belle Valiulis: Girl Wonder

a walk on the wild side with magnet's own midwestern goddess

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Belle Valiulis. A modern woman of many skills and talents is arguably the Academic Magnet’s most interesting senior. She moved to the state of South Carolina after growing up in Rockford, Illinois and after four years in our great state she has accomplished almost every feat known to man and has made waves in more fields than I even knew existed. She is a four year alumni of the AMHS swim team and she has volunteered at countless organizations such as Birds of Prey, Charlestowne Landing, the Children’s Museum, and a Cat Shelter. In addition to these accomplishments, she is also a local food expert and has earned this title through both being a vegan and by working at a Charleston hot spot restaurant. She loves protecting the environment and spending time with her cat Ginger and is attending the University of Glasgow in Scotland next year.

I asked a magnet freshman how it felt to go to school with such a legend and she said

“I don’t really know her that well””

— magnet fresman


As a long time friend and admirer of Belle, I had the privilege of interviewing her, gaining insight to her opinions on life, America, and saving the earth.

What made you pick a European college? 

Um, it’ll will be a privilege to not be persecuted for imbibing.

What do you miss most about the Midwest?

Um, I do not miss anything about the Midwest, I do miss the lush grass however.

What inspired you in all your community service?

I don’t like free time.

If you could give your freshman year self one piece of advice what would it be?

Don’t wear that. (In reference to her technicolor wardrobe she graced magnet’s eyes with freshman year)

What is your biggest struggle being a vegan? 

I eat too much toast.

Tell me about the first time you saw a palm tree?

I was on my way to the Bahamas in an airport when I was 13 years old. It changed my life, for the worst.

Which GOT character do you relate to most?

John Snow because he likes cold weather and I love the cold weather.

Many people have referred to you as “the most interesting girl at magnet”. How do you feel about this title?

I feel like a fraud.

What is it like being the mother of the cutest cat ever?

It brings tears to my eyes every time I see her plump body torpedoes down the stairs.

Are you patriotic?

I’m moving to Scotland





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