Claire’s™ Goes Bankrupt

R.I.P. Claire’s: 1961-2018


New Claire’s Logo

Gone are the days of begging Mom to take a trip to Claire’s for fishnet gloves and neon hair extensions. Granted, those days should have ended in 2010 well after Claire’s was in its prime; however, as of Monday, March 5, 2018, Claire’s filed for bankruptcy. Devastatingly, similar early-2000s favorites are also going bankrupt, such as Toys “R” Us and Gymboree. These chains were a major part of millennials’ childhoods, especially considering Claire’s was the only store that offered “free” ear piercing [with a small fee of $129.99 for the Claire’s Brand After Care Kit™]. Although saying goodbye is hard, as a tribute to my favorite trendy store in elementary school, here’s a look back at some of the most popular accessories and trinkets found in Claire’s in its glory days.


“Besties” Jewelry

A tell-tale sign that you have a best friend.

From necklaces to earrings to rings, one of Claire’s specialties was urging best friends to show affection for each other by wearing jewelry that splits apart: one side reading “best,” while the other side reads “friends.” What could show more genuine love than a broken heart necklace that later gets thrown into the bottom of a bag, never to be remembered again? Nothing. However, as younger children begin obtaining newer technology, this jewelry has evolved into phone cases, ear buds, etc. Kids and their technology these days can’t appreciate a good broken heart “bestie” necklace like we used to back in the day. But it doesn’t matter now. Because Claire’s is dead, and without these novelties, so is friendship.


Neon Hair Extensions

Can’t even tell they’re fake.

The best way to show your friends your mom is cool enough to let you get your hair died bright colors? Buy clip in strips of brightly colored hair, and try your best to cover the clips. Neon hair extensions were extremely trendy in the early 2000s, which trickled down to younger generations shopping in Claire’s. By buying these extensions, you could come across as edgy and different, just like every single other friend of yours who also purchased them. But alas, now that Claire’s is closing, only boring hair colors exist like “brown,” “black,” and “blonde.” Never again will you see neon hair strutting the sidewalks of Towne Centre. Claire’s provided color, and without it, life (and hair) almost seems…black and white.


They show people you “don’t care,” but you’re still smart.

“Nerd :P” Glasses

If you want to look like a trendy nerd (without actually being one, of course) without having to punch out the RealD 3D™ glasses lenses, Claire’s has you covered. Whether you’re a classic nerd (black frames), a girly nerd (pink sparkle frames), or a quirky, zany nerd (frames with attached mustache), Claire’s will keep you looking *just the right amount of smart,* and your friends will be jealous… trust me.


Lastly, Claire’s, thank you for getting us through our preteen years by helping us fit in with our equally quirky friends. We’ll miss you dearly, and we pity the tweens that are unable to call a store like you… home.