The Magnet Soup Review

A flavor journey of epic proportions.


Senior Meredith Coen enjoys some delicious Mexican Taco Soup

The Magnet Cafeteria recently opened its new Campbell’s soup bar and gifted the entire school population with a wonderfully delectable inaugural soup lunch. The metal skeleton of the soon to be eighth wonder of the modern world had been sitting dormant in the cafeteria for months, taunting students with the promise of warm liquid goodness and feel-good comfort food, creating an environment of building anticipation for soup aficionados across the campus. Finally, two weeks ago, on a brisk and chilly Wednesday afternoon, the bell rang for lunch and as students rushed out into the courtyard, an unmistakable aroma of seasonings wafted through the air. It was finally soup day.
As a long-time lover of soup, myself, the arrival of the bar sits at the top of my list of greatest high school moments and it’s probably safe to say that out of all the soup bar fans and groupies I was the most excited for its opening. Following my initial feast, I feel that it is only my duty to review and recommend the soups presented to the Magnet student body so that each of you can be fully prepared when it comes to choosing which savory stew you fill your stomach with. So, without any further ado, I present to you the complete guide and review to navigating your way around the Magnet soup bar.
Soup day itself, an event of national holiday-esque proportions. The line was nearly out the door and with my spoon clutched eagerly in hand, I found myself at the front ready to sample both of the rich winter broths: Mexican Taco soup and Creamy Chicken. I grabbed two plastic containers filled with the pre- prepared add-ins and loaded them up to the brim with the steaming soup. I quickly made my way back to my table all the while mentally preparing myself for the flavor journey I was about to take.
Mexican Taco Soup:
Easily, the Mexican Taco soup is my favorite of the ones offered thus far at the bar. The soup itself is a thinner, tomato-based broth, laden with hints of spices and tones of zesty flavor. As a stand-alone, the soup is magnificent, but, the joy does not end with the broth. Provided for you are pre-arranged containers of chicken, rice, and veggies, as well as tortilla chip shards, all designed to enhance your soup experience. I recommend taking advantage of all of them. The crunch of the chips and flavor of the veggies transports your taste buds to another dimension making the Mexican Taco soup an easy favorite.
Creamy Chicken:
Just as the name describes, this soup is a rich and thick, cream-based soup, filled with peas, chicken, and small delectable morsels of bread. This soup is perfect for anyone looking for comfort food and reminds me of chicken pot pie in liquid form. My only criticism derives from the fact that I am personally not a fan of peas so their addition to the soup saddens me greatly, but other than that minor error I rate it a 10/10 on both flavor and eating enjoyment.
I hope you enjoyed this addition of the Magnet Soup Review and feel more informed as to how to tackle the great behemoth of wonder that is the Magnet Soup Bar. Stay tuned for next time when we discuss the rumored addition of Chili being added into the mix.