Conditioning: Magnet Soccer Runs Laps Around Their Competitors


The 2018 Raptor Soccer season is fast approaching! Conditioning for tryouts has already begun, as both the Boys and Girls Varsity teams are looking to defend their state titles. Come join us for a short session Monday-Thursday each week leading up to tryouts on Jan 29th. Even if you only condition once, it’s still a good chance to interact with coaches Hamil and DeLong, make some new friends, and see Will Schnell’s freakishly large calves before the season gets underway. If you’re still nervous to go, here’s a quick rundown of conditioning.

We asked senior midfielder Claire Hunt about the conditioning the teams go through to get ready for the season.

Q: So what is an average day of conditioning like?

A: We walk over to the field after school and start by 4 o’clock. We begin with a warm-up consisting of stretching, jogging, and stretch-jogging. If it’s Coach Hamil, we do long-distance exercises, but if it’s Coach Allister, the workout focuses on speed and agility.

Q: Are the workouts too much for some people?

A: Fewer and fewer people go out as the training goes on, it’s a good way to weed out those who aren’t willing to try hard enough.

Q: Do you think conditioning is a necessary part of the team’s success in recent seasons?

A: I think our overall fitness has been a key part of our success in recent seasons, and I hope to continue that tradition moving forward.

Q: What are your goals for the season?

A: Win state, beat BE, and make close friendships.

Next, we interviewed senior defender Chase Michaelsen for his thoughts on conditioning.

Q: What are your feelings towards conditioning?

A: Although it can be tough, conditioning is a good way to get in shape for the season and have some fun.

Q: What is the best part of conditioning?

A: Stretching, I’m always down for a good ole’ circle group stretch.

Q: Has anyone ever been injured during conditioning?

A: No one has as far as I’ve witnessed, but one time Trap Puckette stepped on my foot kinda hard and I couldn’t run for the rest of the week.

The conditioning is a lot, but it is a major factor in the teams’ success. Hopefully their hard work pays off and the teams bring home another pair of state titles this year!