Senior Retreat

Senior Retreat

Every year, seniors take a day off from stress for a carefree day at the James Island County Park. This year, there were a mere 50 students who participated, but that did not stop them from having a blast.

The day of activities consisted of an intimidating 50-foot climbing wall, team building exercises, writing letters to our future selves, and a delicious Sticky Fingers lunch.

Many were sheepish about scaling the wall, but eventually everyone managed to overcome their fear to reach the top. Nate Shirley impressed with his quick decision-making and firm grip, completing many of the more difficult sides. Hannah Smith remarked that she felt “so proud of myself, I felt like I was on top of the world” when she completed the wall.

In addition to the climbing wall, the groups were tasked with problem-solving activities in order to build relationships. Although it was somewhat unnecessary given that we have know each other for 4 years, we still enthusiastically participated in the “name-game,” a group variation of “rock paper scissors” known as “Salmon, Bear, Mosquito,” and a race to finish a set of instructions that included spinning, jumping, running, and, for the fiercer competitors, capturing.

As a break from the physical exercise, the groups sat down to write a letter we will receive a year later. Many were excited to see how much they will change in the transition to college, such as Grace Gehlken, who remarked that “I’m eager to see how well I will keep in touch with high school friends and what my new friends will be like.” Most of us were very fond of the exercise, and will be waiting anxiously for a letter next November.

The groups later convened to share a catered lunch at the scenic Wappoo Shelter. Conversations flowed overĀ  pulled-pork sandwiches and and hot dogs that hit the spot. After enjoying our meal, we had free time to branch off, from playing a very large game of football to going on a peaceful walk through the park. As the bus ride took us back, we reflected on the day’s events on the bumpy ride back to reality.