Artists Who Lip-Sank Their Careers


Contrary to popular belief, the phrase “lip singing” is WRONG and does not actually exist. The real phrase, “lip syncing,” is short for “lip synchronization.” Artists of songs usually use this method of mouthing the words of their songs in order to sound a bit more put-together live. Some performers use lip syncing to their advantage so that they can perform to their full potential and be as entertaining as possible without becoming tired from having to belt their own lyrics. However, some artists have ruined their careers through lip-syncing mess-ups, and they have never returned.

  1. Britney Spears

At the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards, Britney Spears seemed extremely confused as she aimlessly walked around the stage in front of her dancers and mouthed indecipherable words into her microphone. She seemed to be unaware that she had to physically sing in the opening of her song “Gimme More,” which left her, seemingly, without a purpose. Although this star is often open about her lip syncing in order to give a more entertaining performance, fans were disappointed when she did not appear to be singing or dancing.

2. Ashlee Simpson

In 2004, when Ashlee Simpson meant to perform one of her newest singles on Saturday Night Live, the band instead started playing her older hit single “Pieces of Me.” Her voice was playing loudly while Ashlee, clearly confused, was not moving her mouth. She began to do a little “jig” on stage, apparently to make up for the mishap, and she eventually just walked off. At the end of the show she sincerely apologized and stated that she was embarrassed for the song mix-up; however, this apology did not seem to be enough to keep her career from sinking soon after the incident.

3. Mariah Carey

Last but not least, Mariah Carey brought back the trend of lip-syncing fails in her 2016/2017 New Year’s Eve performance in Times Square. The audience, once excited for the entertaining performance, began booing as soon as they realized the star did not know the lyrics to her own hit songs. She struggled her way through the performance, and she seemed quite embarrassed of her entertainment throughout it. Before leaving the stage, she guiltily stated, “It just don’t get any better.” Later, Carey apologized and said that she was “mortified” at the mishap, and it was later brought to public attention that her in-ear audio stopped working during the performance, which caused her to appear as if she did not know the lyrics. Although fans were disappointed, Carey stated the incident did not scare her away from performing on live television, but it did scare her away from “using anyone outside [her] own team” to help with her performances.