Will Donnellon: Senior Class President

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Will Donnellon. You may have caught a glimpse of him dominating in ping pong during every class in the senior lounge, or leading the student section at football games with his famous original cheer, popping out of the back end of the Trojan horse at the pep rally, or just leading the senior class to success in everything they do. Will Donnellon leads an interesting life, and I interviewed him personally to help the Academic Magnet community get to know the “raptor football touchdown score guy” or the “horse guy” a little bit better.

What motivated you to run for senior class president?

“When I was in eighth grade, I ran for class president, and the other girl that I was running against promised everyone ice cream and I lost. She never did it, but that loss stuck with me for 4 years. Freshmen year I didn’t have the courage, sophomore year I was in Spain, and elections for junior year were during Sophomore year. So I was gonna run for student body president but there’s  a rule that you have to have already been on student council, so I went for senior class, and I won.”

What are the best parts about being president?

“I would say number 1 is just being able to lead my class and represent everyone that I love so dearly and I really think that I have a good idea of what people want in my grade, and I enjoy that responsibility and that privilege.”

What are the worst parts about being president?

“Well when the teachers are jerks and vote for the juniors and then you tie them when your wall was 16 million times better, that kinds sucks.”

What are you most proud of so far?

“I am really proud that despite the whole wall debacle, we won every other competition. The walls are fun but what really matters during spirit week is helping the community, and I’m really proud that we had the most supplies for Puerto Rico, raised the most money for penny wars, and I am proud that our grade is so caring.”

Take us on a journey through your daily life.

“Up at 6:15, eat 2 bowls of Wheaties, get dressed for school, out the door at 7:30, get to school, play a few ping pong matches. After school I get home, I read for an hour and a half, then I go to spinning class, lights out by 9:30.”

Raptor football touchdown score?


Tell us about the horse.

“The horse was my baby. I spent a couple weeks on it and a lot of money. I am proud of how it all came together, I just wish we would have won, but I am glad it is now serving a purpose housing Mr. Paisley’s birds. “

What do you have to say about the class of 2018?

“Greatest class to ever walk the halls of Academic Magnet High School period.”

What are your plans for college?

“I’m applying early action to Ball State and Skidmore College. I want to major in aquatic biology.”

Favorite tradition?

“Raptor football touchdown score.”

What legacy do you hope to leave after graduating?

“I hope to be remembered as a someone who really cared about his school and his class, but at the same time someone who invented raptor football touchdown score.”

What do you do outside of school?

“I joust, I like Cheez-its, but most importantly, I golf.”

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