Freshman Reactions To Spirit Week


Magnet Spirit Week: a rowdy and famed extravaganza, known across all of the Charleston County School District as a week packed with wild costumes, whistles– and to end it off, the eagerly anticipated Wall Day. Following the fun-filled week, I thought I would interview some Freshman to discover their takeaways from their introduction into the Magnet tradition.

Which day was your favorite overall? 

Karoline Surdyck: Wall Day. “At my old school we didn’t really do spirit week, it wasn’t as big, and [Magnet’s] was very fun and energetic.”

Rachel Ackerman: Generation Day. “I wore a baby suit it was a good feeling.”

Disha Qanungo: “Generation Day. I loved coming to school in a onesie. It was really comfortable.”

Hayden Southworth– “Overall I though it was probably Wall Day because I got to see all the different walls, how people got to work so hard all week, and what came of it and the different costumes.”


What was the craziest thing you saw? 

KS: “Me and my friends were the first ones to go through the giant swarm of seniors blocking the door and that was probably the craziest. ”

RA: “The people playing ping pong on America Day in the hallway”

DQ: “Probably the dinosaur costumes.”

HS: “Probably the giant Trojan horse that the seniors made because it was so intricate and giant. It was weird to think that these students made something like that. ”


Who had the coolest costume?

KS: “The seniors on Generation Day.”

RA: “The guys wearing the T-rex suit.”

DQ: “Probably the seniors because they looked really cool and put together.”

HS: “The coolest costume was definitely the blowup dinosaurs.”


Any ideas for how you could improve your wall for Coming Home? 

KS and RA: “We need to use something other than paper to decorate and we need to block out the lights and use a theme that’s easier overall, more like the upperclassmen.”

DQ: “Cover the entire wall, not make everything out of paper, start earlier and raise money.”

HS: “Just we need to get more freshman working and more freshman coming and showing their spirit and not being afraid to show their spirit.”