Fresh Faces On the Magnet Swim Team

Emma Ludman

Meet the Newest Members of the AMHS Swim Team:

Is this your first year swimming?

Jack Austin No-5 years year round

Isabella Darce No- 7 years summer

Charles Olsen No – 2 years of year round

Jeremy Garza Yes- 4 years summer league

Eric Beaver Yes- 9 years year round

What is your favorite event to swim?

Jack Austin 100 back

Isabella Darce 100 back

Charles Olsen 200 boy relay

Jeremy Garza 100 back

Eric Beaver Anything freestyle

What are you most excited for this season?

Jake Austin Swimming on high school

Isabella Darce Meeting new people

Charles Olsen The championships

Jeremy Garza Getting in a new team environment

Eric Beaver Getting faster

What’s your favorite body of water?

Jack Austin Lake Erie

Isabella Darce Atlantic Ocean

Charles Olsen Atlantic Ocean

Jeremy Garza Indian Ocean

Eric Beaver   Artic Ocean