Meet the AMHS Varsity Volleyball Team

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Meet the Girls

Meet the girls of the AMHS volleyball team. Our two captains are Bryn Gerding and Semaj Fielding and the other seniors are Claire Dickman, Hannah Smith, Caroline Mitchum, Elena Wilson, and Sarah Yetman. Other returning members of the team include Junior Rion Brown and sophomore Julia Spencer. New faces to the team include juniors Lillian Ku and Sera Cole and sophomores Libby Jaskwhich, Abby Sutterlin, and Dessie Anne Nietert.

Meet the Seniors

Our captain, Bryn Gerding, is the founder of the Youth in Education of Science (YES) club and is a caffeine addict. Semaj Fielding, the other co-captain, has a spirited and supportive attitude and is great at leading the team. Caroline Mitchum eats an abundance of Chick-fil-A and took a mission trip to Peru for her senior thesis. One of the other seniors, Claire Dickman, enjoys traveling and is an Australian native. Hannah Smith loves her cat and tiny house shows. Elena had a tragic accident and broke her nose during summer practice, but is finally back on her feet and getting back into the game! Last but not least, senior Sarah Yetman is knowledgeable about all things cats and solar energy.

The sophomore and junior members of the team are also essential to the success of the team and hope to make it to state again this year!

Claire Dickman- OH, Senior

Hannah Smith-DS, Senior

Bryn Gerding- MH, Senior Captain

Semaj Fielding- RH, Senior Captain

Elena Wilson- DS, Senior

Sarah Yetman- RH, Senior

Caroline Mitchum- S, Senior Captain

Lillian Ku- DS, junior

Rion Brown- OH, junior

Sera Cole- MH, junior

Libby Jaskwhich- OH, sophomore

Abby Sutterlin- DS, sophomore

Dessie Anne Nietert-RH, sophomore

Julia Spencer- S, sophomore

OH- An outside hitter is the player who hits and blocks on the front left side of the court. They are usually quite tall and can kill a perfect set or work with an off the net or shoulder set.

MH- A middle hitter stands at the net in the middle of the court and strives in be involved in blocking the opponent’s hitters.

RH- Right side hitter plays a similar role as an outside hitter, and can be called a wing spikers.

DS- Defense specialists only play back-row due to their strong ability of passing the ball directly to the setter.

S- The setter lofts the ball high for a teammate in the front row to attack. Additionally, they are agile and have a quick touch on the ball.



On Saturday, August 12, 2017 the Varsity Raptor Volleyball team headed to Cathedral Academy at a bright and early 7:00 am to prepare for the upcoming tournament. Up first at 8:00 am the Raptors faced Fort Dorchester and won in a quick 2 sets. Since there was an hour of waiting until the next game, the girls enjoyed snacking on Chick-N-Minis and avocado toast, brought by captain Bryn Gerding. Next, the girls went up against Colleton County for the first time and were successful yet again in two sets. With Libby, Rion, and Semaj’s aggressive kills paired with Abby and Lilly’s defensive passes, the team beat their biggest competitor, Pinewood Prep. The final game before the bracket play was against Military Magnet, where the team was able to practice their strongest plays for the rest of the season.

Hyped for the championship game against Pinewood Prep, the girls gathered in a circle and cheered as loudly as possible. By intimidating the other team, the players started off strong and took the early lead. After a short twenty five minutes, the volleyball team walked away with the win and brought the trophy back home to Magnet.


The volleyball teams are participating in a fundraiser in order to collect money for the athletic program at Magnet. Find a volleyball player in the hallway between classes, during lunch, or afterschool to buy the latest gear. Go Raptors!


9-6-17 Fort Dorchester 5:30 Away

9-12-17 Whale Branch 5:30 Home

9-20-17 Battery Creek 6:00 Home

9-21-17 N. Charleston/Burke 5:30 Away

9-25-17 Fort Dorchester 5:30 Home

9-26-17 Phillip Simmons/Garrett 5:30 Away

9-28-17 Woodland 5:30 Home

10-3-17 Whale Branch 5:30 Away

10-5-17 N. Charleston/Burke 5:30 Home

10-9-17 Battery Creek 5:30 Away

10-10-17 Phillip Simmons/Garrett 5:30 Home

10-12-17 Woodland 5:30 Away

10-16-17 West Ashley 5:30 Home

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