Club Spotlight


The club fair is back, and there is an endless variety to choose from. Here are a few that you may want to look out for on September 6th:

The Investment Club

Have you ever wondered how investing works? Have you ever dreampt of being an investor on Wall Street? Well, look no further than the AMHS Investment Club. The club’s memorable debut last year was a hit, succeeding in providing an exclusive senior microwave in the cafeteria. As a member of this club last year, I can assure you that it is a fun and educational experience. Under the new leadership of J.J. Bishop, the club hopes to improve while preserving the favorites of last year, such as the Wall Street Survivor game in which you compete with fellow classmates to manage a successful imaginary investment portfolio.

The Bee Club

This club hopes to raise awareness of the struggling bee population while teaching members about the magic of the bee. The bee is a vital part of the ecosystem, and if they did not exist, everyday things like fruit would not be possible. President Emma Ludman organizes club activities such as selling t-shirts in order to raise money for a beehive, as well as taking field trips to beehives to learn about the way of the bee. DISCLAIMER: This is not a Bee Movie club.

Democrats of Magnet Club

This club is new on the scene at Magnet, the brainchild of Isabel Root and Maggie Snyder, seniors. The club will focus on trying to become a chapter of the national organization, “The Young Democrats,”  which will require writing a constitution for the chapter. From there, the club hopes to become activists in the community, helping in the campaign for the seat of the 1st District of South Carolina. The club welcomes all, but it will be working towards the goals of the democratic party.

These clubs and so many more will be at the club fair, so make sure to check them out! There is even a rumor about the return of the infamous taco dodge-ball club from last year.