Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


  • Freshmen win 2nd place nationally in WordWright Competition.

  • Congratulations to Colin Baker of Academic Magnet HS who won the Boys 2A State Cross Country Championship

  • Girls Cross Country Boys 2nd in State, Girls 5th

  • Volleyball, Girls' Tennis win 2nd place in 2A State finals

  • The Academic Magnet High School, 5109 W. Enterprise, North Charleston, SC

  • 26 Magnet Seniors National Merit Semi-Finalists!

Summer Experiences from the Raptor Family

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The 2017 summer led to tremendous fun for many members of the Academic Magnet family. From rising freshmen to rising seniors, the community as a whole had life-changing trips and were able to see the world in a whole different view. This article merely gives a glimpse into the fantastic time that was the summer of 2017.

Caleb Munley – RV Journey*

Traveling the country in an RV with his family and close friends, Caleb had an amazing summer hiking the Zion National Park, seeing waterfalls, overlooks, and beautiful nature. He also got the chance to hike deep into the Grand Canyon, where they pitched a tent got the chance to wake up to a beautiful sunrise in the middle of the canyon. The next day they rode through the canyon on mules. To end his journey, Caleb went to the Gucci store in Las Vegas, where he was surrounded by paparazzi who recognized him from the reality show he starred in when he was younger.

Jourdan Gruber and Riane Coman- The World Futsal Championship

This summer spelled victory for a few select Raptor athletes. Juniors Jourdan Gruber and Riane Coman participated in the World Futsal Championship at Disney World. The tournament featured the world’s best athletes at the increasingly competitive indoor sport of futsal. They ended their all-star experience with a resounding win in the championship game, winning the Gold Division and representing Academic Magnet and the city of Charleston in the best way possible. Riane was named Most Valuable on the team, and Jourdan received all tournament honors. Both girls scored several times throughout the weekend, including one a piece during the final victory.

Nicole Tufts – Spain & Germany

Nicole had a great summer in Spain. She went all over Barcelona, and though she admitted she didn’t remember what anything was called, she said it was beautiful and she would go back. She watched two bulls fighting before she left for Germany. In Germany, she went to Frankfurt, where she went to a festival that has become a tradition in the city. She went to an old Cathedral as well, which happened to be the only one that managed to survive World War II.

Lauren Cuppy – Mexico

This was her first time going out of the country, and even though she was only going to Mexico, the thought of not being in the United States was scary to her. However, when she got there, all of that faded away and she had the time of her life. Swimming with dolphins was one of the best experiences of her life even though she “almost peed when the dolphin got close to her.” Everything was amazing for her, the sand, the waves, and even the resort itself. She said it was so much different than Folly or Isle of Palms that it made her want to continue to travel the world.

Macon Bauknight – Ireland

Macon spent his summer traveling throughout Ireland. He saw many amazing sights including the Killarney Galway, which he described as “breathtaking”, and one of the most amazing things that he has ever seen. He recommends this trip to anyone that likes to travel and said it was a once in a lifetime experience.

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