Lexi DeHart, Staff Writer

Scientists agree it is recommended to consume 2 liters or a half a gallon of water each day.

Avid water drinkers may notice that there is an emerging trend in the water market. Grocery store shelves are becoming flooded with sparkling water options from brands like La Croix, Perrier, and San Pellegrino.

La Croix, the 100% natural, calorie free, sugar free, and sodium free beverage offers 20 flavors and variations of sparkling water. Being the curious foodie that I am, I took it upon myself to sample every flavor of La Croix that Harris Teeter had to offer.

My journey began with one lime La Croix. Every sip was refreshing and citrus-y, which easily places the Lime flavor in my top three favorite flavors.

After drinking my way through a 12 pack of lime La Croix I moved on to Pamplemousse, or grapefruit. The Pamplmousse La Croix is just as tasty as it is fun to say (PAM-PUL-MOOSE). While I am biased because grapefruit flavored things are my kryptonite, I would give it a 9/10.

Next I went on to apricot. Arguably one of the most unusual sparking water flavors, the apricot beverage is sweet and refreshing and I finished off all 12 cans in only 3 days.

My next flavor was Orange. The citrus drink was refreshing, but ultimately tasted like a carbonated watered down version of the popular breakfast beverage. While it’s hard to criticize La Croix, this flavor earned a 4/10.

Passionfruit was my next venture. Since I have never actually tried a passionfruit I didn’t know what to expect. However, I was delightfully surprised to learn that the passionfruit La Croix was both sweet and tangy, and strangely unique from the other flavors. Passionfruit, therefor, earned a place in my top 3.

Next I moved on to mango. My montra ‘You cant go wrong with mango’ reigned true, especially in the mango flavored La Croix. A wise man once said “Mangos make you want to party and so does mango La Croix”. Mango La Croix: 8/10.

Next was peach-pear and cran-raspberry. Peach-pear, as well as the cran-raspberry, were both sweet and tangy flavors. While the fresh fruit was refreshing, both flavors weren’t anything to write home about.

My final La Croix endeavor was berry. Perfectly sweet and tangy- the berry La Croix easily earned a 7/10.


Final Rankings:

#1: Pamplemousse

#2: Passionfruit

#3: Lime

#4: Mango

#5: Berry

#6: Apricot

#7: Orange

#8: Cran-Raspberry

#9: Peach-Pear