My Bittersweet Leave of Magnet


Taken from AMHS website

Although I was originally excited that I only had one week left of school, I realized how much I am truly going to miss Magnet. Magnet tested my patience, starting from freshman year. When I first stepped into Mr. McCormick’s class, I realized that my decision to attend Magnet may lead me to insanity. Freshman year was hard. Too hard at the time. Mrs. Grayson pushed me to write better; with essays every two weeks. Combined with Ms. McIntyre’s Algebra 2 class, Freshman year was a struggle. Sophomore year was easier, as I had gotten used to the A day B day schedule, and could schedule my work accordingly. Mr. Grimshaw’s guitar class, Ms. Lankford’s English class, and AP Stats with Ms. Hooffstetter were definitely highlights. But then Junior year came, and Magnet became my enemy. THESIS. Looking back at it now, Thesis wasn’t that difficult. Just meet each deadline and finish your project on time. But as a Junior, Thesis didn’t look feasible. It seemed that Thesis was an echo, but I had already lost my voice from the past 2 years and couldn’t start it. Somehow I found a way.

Senior year was so much fun. Even though the work never seemed to end, I enjoyed my last year at Magnet. Looking back now, all of the bad feelings I had toward high school have been dampened by the friends I’ve made, and the teachers who truly care about us. That is what makes Magnet special. The teachers care so much. Mr. Johnston, Ms. Cornehl, Mr. Grimshaw, Ms. Lankford, Ms. Grayson, Ms. Shifflette, Ms. McIntyre, Mr. McCormick, Ms. Shields, Ms. Colon, Ms. Hurt, and Mrs. Eicher all made an incredible impact on me as a student and a person. Listing all of those teachers just now made me realize how special Magnet truly is. Most of all, shoutout to Ms. Peterson, the leader of this special school, who  worked tirelessly to improve Magnet. I will truly miss this school, and I wanted to thank every teacher in this school for making me a better student and person. Thank you.