Cavaliers look to Repeat

This year the Cleveland Cavaliers are looking to repeat and gain another shot at the NBA title. Last season the team was able to come back from a 3-1 deficit, clinching the championship in a thrilling game 7. This season the Cavs are having another fantastic season and have swept every team so far in the playoffs. This lossless playoff run is one for the ages, but could see an end against either the Wizards or Celtics. Both of these teams are young and eager to be given a playoff shot against Lebron.

The Cavs have been dominant in the NBA for a multitude of reasons. For one, they have been exemplary defensively. Playing aggressive defense has allowed them to get fast transition points and keep the other team off the scoreboard. In addition to this they have been deadly from behind the arc. The three point scoring has come in loads for the Cavs this season. The mid season addition of Kyle Korver has been huge as he averages 16 points of scoring from the bench. This scoring on top of the scoring from Kyrie and Lebron has given the Cavs a massive advantage on the offensive end this season.

As the Cavaliers look to finish their playoff run they have eyes on another championship. If they are capable of repeating it will give Lebron his fourth ring and bring him that much closer to Jordan’s legacy. In addition to this it will bring the Cavaliers closer to the status of being a legendary team, similar to the Bad Boy Pistons, the Showtime Lakers, and the 96 Bulls. No matter the outcome of this season, the Cavaliers have shown that they are an excellent team and have the determination to make it far in the playoffs.