Dory the Diabetic’s Defender

Dory the Diabetics Defender

Abby Spencer, Staff Writer

In 2004 Simon Steggall was watching TV in his home in Cambridgeshire, England when he fell into a potentially lethal diabetic coma. Simon’s wife, Victoria, assumed he had just fallen asleep; however, his trusty rabbit, Dory, knew something was wrong. Simon says, “[Dory] came up on my lap and started tapping and digging at my chest and looking at my face” until it caught Victoria’s attention.”I work for the ambulance service and I’m embarrassed that the rabbit spotted it before I did,” Mrs. Steggall said. Simon says that although he couldn’t move or speak, he could hear his wife telling the rabbit to get off of the furniture right before she recognized something was wrong with her husband. Simon, a diabetic since childhood, said he did not get any warning that he was going to slip into a diabetic coma, “One moment I am vertical and next minute I am waking up with a paramedic. It’s like a flick of a switch”. Dory was awarded honorary membership into the Rabbit Welfare Association, Britain’s largest organization for rabbit lovers