The Green on Spring Street


Located on Spring Street

Cannon Green is inspired by the timeless elegance of a 19th century Charleston home. With a classic-meets-cosmopolitan ambiance, a garden inspired scene is sprawled across the walls.
Although Cannon Green’s menu boasts items like Peruvian ceviche and Chicken liver paté, I was dinging with Cannon Green’s special Valentine’s Day menu. The menu provided a four-course meal that included:
-House-made cavatelli with pancetta, oyster mushrooms, spring onions, and pecorino
-Salad lyonnais with duck confit, tarragon, ramp vinaigrette, sourdough crisp, and a poached egg
-Brasstown beef medallion with a yukon potato puree, french beans, bordelaise, and truffle
-Dark chocolate brownie with black sesame gelato, cherry, and pistachio

We arrived to our reserved table starving and ready to eat. We looked at our menus to discover that our first course would be a ‘Salad Lyonnais’, or a salad with duck, ramp vinaigrette, and a poached egg on top. Despite my distaste for eggs, the waitress convinced me to try the salad. I agreed, and I was pleasantly surprised at the flavorful, savory salad. Even the duck was fresh, and had that ‘fall-off-the-bone’ taste.
Salad: 8/10

Next on the menu was the ‘House-made Cavatelli Pasta’. or spiral pasta with thinly sliced bacon, mushrooms, and cheese. While the recipe sounds simple, the flavors combined in a way that no other pasta is capable of. I ate every bite, and definitely wished for a few more fork-fulls of cheesy, pasta goodness.
Pasta: 9/10

The main dish of the entree was a ‘Brasstown Beef Medallion’, or a steak with mashed potatoes, and green beans. I may have spent this Valentine’s Day single, but if I could have made that steak my Valentine I would have. It was the perfect savory accompaniment to the fluffy mashed potatoes. The green beans were fresh and crisp, and made me feel a little proud of myself for eating some sort of vegetable.
Steak and Potatoes: 9/10

For the final course of the meal was a ‘Dark Chocolate Brownie’, or a brownie with black sesame gelato, cherries, and pistachios. Since Valentine’s Day is a day for chocolate, the brownie felt like the most appropriate chocolate treat to tie the meal together. I can proudly say that I scraped every last molecule of ice cream and brownie off my plate.
Brownie: 10/10

Overall my experience at Cannon Green was unforgettable. It is not often that I can come across a restaurant that excels in customer service, culinary expertise, and a contemporary ambiance.
I plan to return to Cannon Green, but next time maybe I’ll have a date.