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It’s normal to get stressed sometimes, but for some people it is really difficult to find a way to relax and enjoy their life; that’s why we have decided to find some advice of how to overcome stress. Also we have look for things that cause stress without you even noticing it; maybe the days that you feel as if you were going to get a heart attack could be avoided after all.

Stress is basically the response of your body to change. This organism responds to difficult situations releasing adrenaline, that speeds breathing and heart rate. The real problem is caused when this stress is constant or chronic. The first symptoms are: excessive tiredness, depression, pain in the chest, dizziness… and at the end, it can cause serious problems to your body.

When you are stressed usually is because you concentrate on the negative side of the life instead of on the good things that happen to you. Concentrating on perfection and on reaching all your goals can make you lose sight of some of the things that are happening right now. This, when mixed with other situations can cause you a chronic stress which is difficult to overcome. Some of the more common things that cause stress or that stress produces  are:

  1. Lack of sleep.(Stress can make you have awful nightmares  and even produce hallucinations)
  2. Exams, tests.  (some stress can be good but too much can make you lose concentration in the subject you are studying).
  3. Bad eating. (Not having the correct diet can cause stress but also once we are stressed we tend to eat faster and unhealthy things are what make us fall in a vicious circle)
  4. Driving too fast. (Driving can be awful if you get stressed easily but it can be even worse if you also have to be worried about a possible ticket)
  5. Caffeine. (Sometimes you are trying to help the lack of sleep by drinking more coffee… but this can only make it worst than before).

To have a better life you need to learn how to control your stress; being optimistic and taking time to relax each day can make you change your perception of things. Pay attention to your own thoughts and don’t worry about what others think. Listening to relaxing music for 15 minutes, drinking a glass of milk or water or even the smell of lavender or chamomile might help you sleep better.  Also, you can take a hot bath sometimes. This really helps you relax and relieves the pain in your muscles. Eating  fruits and nuts  help you relax your nervous system, and dark chocolate can be your best ally against stress because its sweetness improves your mood and it is good for your health. And the most important thing, exercise!! Any sport would help you relax and it is recommended to do at least 30 minutes per day.

 If at some point you feel as if you are going to break down, take five minutes to calm down and take a few breaths of fresh air. Finally, create a list with your priorities and problems and you will find out that it is so much easy to solve them.

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