5 Easy Ways to Get LIT

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5 Easy Ways to Get LIT

With winter in full swing, it is primetime for bonfires. Bonfire, fire, pyre, flame, blaze, conflagration, inferno, rapid oxidation – whatever you may call fire has been a constant source of amusement for humans since 6000 BC. Here are five easy ways to get a fire started in less conventional ways then using a fire starter log from the store and a lighter. So, gather your friends, some wood, blankets, s’mores materials, and one of these easy fire starters and settle down for a good time.

*Fire can be dangerous so use caution and common sense when starting and being around fire.

1. Gum Wrapper and a Batterybattery-fire

What you will need:

Gum Wrapper (the shiny kind)

Battery (AA or AAA work best)

How to: Put the negative side of the battery on the shiny side of the wrapper. Next, tear the wrapper a little at the middle so the flame will be concentrated there. Touch the other shiny side of the wrapper to the positive side. Be careful because if you hold the wrapper on with your fingers they could be burned.

2. Waterwater-fire

What you will need:


Plastic Bag, Cold, Plastic Wrap, Clear bottle, Lightbulb

How to: Put water into any of the above containers or find a piece of clean ice. That’s it. When the light goes through the water it can be concentrated into a strong enough beam to start a fire almost like using a magnifying glass.

3. Aluminum Can and Chocolate Barcan-fire

What you will need:

Aluminum soda can

Some Chocolate (toothpaste also works)

How to: Since the bottom of the aluminum can is not shiny enough to be a good enough reflector to concentrate the suns light enough to ignite anything, break off a piece of chocolate and rub the chocolate on the bottom of the can. Wipe of the excess chocolate and observe the heightened shininess of the can’s bottom. The can should be shiny enough to concentrate the sun’s light enough to ignite some tinder.

4. Vaseline and Cotton balls cotton-ball-fire

What you will need:

Cotton balls


Woodchips (optional)

How to: Cover the entire cotton ball in vaseline using your fingers. Roll the cotton ball in wood chips. This step in optional but it provides an instant fuel source which makes your fire starter more effective.  To store the cotton balls wrap them in wax paper and place them in a ziplock bag.

5. Charcoal and paper towelsmatch-light

What you will need:

Charcoal (match light is best)

paper towels (anything that is very flammable)

How to: Get about three bricks of charcoal and wrap them in your flammable thing. Place the little charcoal present under whatever you are trying to set on fire. Light it.

*Fire is a dangerous element. Use common sense when starting and being around it.

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