Miss Orr Voted Teacher of the Year


Miss Orr, one of Academic Magnet’s most popular teachers, was recently named teacher of the year for the 2016-2017. Miss Orr has taught at AMHS for 7 years and prior to that she served 8 years in the United States Army Reserve. I have had Miss Orr for Honors Global Studies and Law Education; two classes I did not expect to thoroughly enjoy, but thanks to Miss Orr, I did. Even taking notes in Miss Orr’s class was enjoyable due to her humor and encouragement of an open discussion. In both my law education and global studies class, I participated in a number of group activities- from creating a board game to being a jury member, witness and lawyer during our mock trials. Furthermore, the field trips arranged by Miss Orr go above and beyond that of most teachers- the hard work she puts into these field trips allows students to have hands on experiences with what she teaches in class. Miss Orr’s unique and enthusiastic teaching style allows her students to learn in a fun, creative way and her sense of humor makes any student feel welcome in her classroom. Miss Orr’s positive impact on the AMHS community stems from her belief that “you have to look at the student as a person and not a commodity”. Miss Orr is a truly amazing teacher who puts an immense amount of effort into the success of her students.