Aftermath of Hurricane Matthew


On Tuesday, October 4, Charleston began preparations for the oncoming threat, Hurricane Matthew. Charleston County School District closed for the remainder of the week, as Governor Nikki Haley called for an immediate evacuation of homes within 100 miles of the South Carolina coast. Some hit the road right as school got out, and others went home to take precautions for the storm slowly moving up the eastern seaboard of the United States. On Friday morning, the effects were evident as Category 4 level winds and surf hammered St. Augustine, Jacksonville, and other northeastern Florida cities. Cape Canaveral, Florida recorded a gust of 107 mph, and although the hurricane weakened from then, the direction of the eye aimed towards the Lowcountry. Hilton Head Island, Tybee Island, and other small islands were battered by the hurricane’s “eye wall”, causing widespread outages and debris. Charleston, which clocked a 69 mph wind, did not fair well with the rising flood levels, as the water in Charleston Harbor crested the sea wall on the Battery. Take a look at some Magnet students’ reactions (via Snapchat).


(Thank you Lexi DeHart for compiling the photos.)