Fine dining at Oak Steakhouse


Warm, moist, succulent, and juicy are just few words to describe the delicious steaks we were served.  We began the evening with complimentary valet at approximately 8:25. We then swiftly made our way into the building to make our 8:30 reservation. The tall, slender, hostess showed us the way up to the 3rd floor dining room. By 8:45, the wine menu was removed and our non alcoholic beverages were served. The young man then took our order with ease. He then dashed back to the kitchen to place the order for the 3 course meal. Shortly our first course emerged from the kitchen. We had the option to choose between a Tomato Bisque or a house salad. I decided to order the House salad. The salad was  hand tossed in creamy herb vinaigrette topped with cheese, diced tomatoes and cucumbers, and crispy pancetta. Then onto the main course, everyone at the table decided to order the 8oz filet with local mashed potatoes and collards.The wet aged steak was very tender and juicy. The main course was a smashing hit. We then had make the tough decision for our 3rd and final course. We had the option of either a sorbet trio (raspberry, coconut, mango) or a creamy panna cotta. The panna cotta is an Italian dessert of sweetened cream thickened with gelatin and molded. The sorbet was colorful, zesty, and ambrosia for your taste buds. After we finished eating the bills were presented. The restaurant week  prices were still pricey for young teenagers. After we paid, we made our way down the three flights of stairs to the hostess stand. I asked the hostess for my keys for my car that was waiting directly outside the restaurant. A picture perfect evening at one of the finest restaurants in the world.