Hurricane Hermine Knocks Over a Chair

Taken from

Taken from

Hermine hit Charleston directly, with intense winds of 20-30 miles per hour. Charleston County School District decided to close schools due to the risk of kids complaining. One representative of the school board stated, “I just wanted a day off. I didn’t even know we were under a tropical storm warning. I guess things just worked out.” Damage included a fallen plastic chair in a James Island backyard, no rain at all, and sunny skies the next day. Some benefits of the storm included several misplaced confederate flags, the reduction of tourists from Folly Beach (although they all swarmed back the next day), and a peaceful break from the stressful incarceration of school.

I interviewed William Jonathan Thomas Ravenel IV, a downtown resident and seersucker connoisseur. “I got a stain on my brand new Dumas seersucker pants. A branch also scratched my Cadillac Escalade. It was mayhem.” The seersucker pants cost 400 dollars, but Ravenel didn’t care about the cost. He stated, “I’ll have to wait another week for another custom pair to be made. This is a national disaster!”



All kidding aside, I’m glad everyone was safe. Hurricanes are no joke, but Hermine was.

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