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  • Girls and Boys Soccer Wins AA State Championships!


2016-2017 Staff

Kara Schwacke

Staff Writer

Hi my name is Kara Jane Schwacke. I am a senior here at Academic Magnet High school. My hobbies include playing the piano and spending time with my dogs. My favorite foods are bagels and Mexican food. I want to be an OBGYN doctor...

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Sophie Brams


Hey y'all! My name is Sophie Lynn Brams and I am a senior here at Magnet. I have two different colored eyes so I usually have to stare at people when they ask to see. I love college football, especially Georgia. If I could move...

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Zoe Wright


My name is Zoe Wright and I am taller than the average Olympic gymnast. I am a SENIOR and if a single underclassman shoves me in the hallway I will end all of you (but in a nice way). My hobbies include eating snacks and interrupting...

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Connor Pizii

Staff Writer

My name is Connor Pizii, and I am a senior. My original bio was "not politically correct enough." I really like serving the community and being a Good Samaritan! I am super friendly and approachable, so feel free to chat with...

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Hannah Reed

Staff Writer

Hi, my name is Hannah Reed and I'm a senior from Brooklyn, New York. You might know me from cross country or lacrosse, but most people know me for my love of horses (If you hear "Where's your horse?" I am most likely nearby)....

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Jack Niesse

Staff Writer

Hello, I am Jack Niesse. I am a junior at AMHS. I swim and play lacrosse. I may not be the best athlete, but I make up for it in charisma and determination. Interesting fact:I gained 4 inches in one day! I enjoy having fun in...

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Grace Beischel

Staff Writer

Hi, I'm Grace and a senior at Magnet. I need a nap more than the average two year old. I love the water and I swim all the time, probably a big reason I need a nap. I also play lacrosse. I love dogs, food, crafts, naps and the...

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Lexi DeHart

Staff Writer

Hi, I'm Lexi and I'm a senior here at Magnet. I enjoy lots of things like traveling, eating, drinking milk, and not having braces. I apply sunscreen liberally because I think skin care is important. Some of my favorite activities...

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Maya Haley

Staff Writer

Hi! My name is Maya Haley, and I am a senior here at Magnet. I enjoy traveling, trying new food, and spending time with my friends. My favorite food is anything chocolate. In my free time, I enjoy laying on the beach, catching...

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Conor Coleman

Staff Writer

My name is Conor Coleman, and I am a senior here at Academic Magnet High School. I am on the AMHS Varsity soccer team and have played soccer since I was 5 years old. I love the South Carolina Gamecocks, and live for college football...

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Nate LeRoy

Sports Editor

My name is Nathaniel Russell LeRoy, and I am a senior at Academic Magnet. This is my second year on the Talon Staff, and I'm looking forward to writing more articles for our readers. I play Varsity basketball and soccer for Magnet...

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Abby Spencer

Staff Writer

Hi! My name is Abby and I'm a senior at AMHS. I love animals and the Boston Red Sox. My favorite animal is a shark and I love the aquarium. I also love the outdoors, especially the beach. Some of my favorite things include dogs,...

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Sohan Kotecha

Staff Writer

My name is Sohan and I am a senior at Academic Magnet. I am on the school sailing team but my nerdy side shows up as a founder of the Chess Club. My passions are playing the guitar and looking up dank memes of Harambe. I enjoy...

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Carter Shubert

Staff Writer

My name is Carter Shubert.  In fact I am seventeen years old, but I still look like I am twelve.  I was born in New York City, but have lived in Charleston for most of my life.  I have been playing golf since was six years...

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Gabi Rauls

Staff Writer

Hey, my name is Gabi Rauls. I love talking and fraternizing with everyone at Magnet.  As a senior this year, I'll make sure to be extra social.  I'm pretty athletic; I play varsity volleyball and soccer for AMHS and also enjoy...

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Campbell Daffin

Staff Writer

Hi! My name is Campbell Daffin and I'm a junior here at Magnet. I'm not at all excited for thesis this coming year. I run cross country and track for the school. I don't like to run but I like food so I guess I have to do it....

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Eliot Leadem


Hi! I'm Eliot Leadem, and I am a junior at Academic Magnet. My interests include videography, sports, and anything that can fly. Outside of school, you can find me playing golf or spending endless hours scrolling through Twitter...

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Ryan Pace

staff writer

Hey, my name is Ryan Pace and I am a senior this year at Academic Magnet High School. I'm in REACH club and I play lacrosse. My favorite food is ice cream and I also really like Drake. Some of my hobbies include socializing with...

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Kevin Woods

Staff Writer

What's up dude, my name is Kevin Woods. I'm a senior. I'm president of the surf club and co-president of the AMHS Students Advocating for Multicultural Education club. My interests include shredding gnar (surfing), skateboarding,...

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Lucía Sanchez

Staff Writer

Hi! My name is Lucía Sanchez and I'm an exchange student. I'm from Spain and I'm going to be here one year. I love dancing and I have been doing it since I was three. I like to write my own articles and stories and I have won...

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Potter Seibels

Staff Writer

My name is Potter Seibels and I am an enthusiastic senior at AMHS. I play football, lacrosse and track for magnet and I am a strong supporter of all teams here. On any given afternoon after my practice, you can find me at a volleyball,...

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Capers Borders

Staff Writer

My name is Capers Durant Borders. I have been a member of the Varsity Soccer team for four years and have been playing competitively since I was 4. I am a die hard Atlanta Dream fan. I enjoy watching movies and rainy days. My...

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Katie Conley

Staff Writer

My name is Katie Conley! I am a senior at Academic Magnet High School. I am a sunshine soaking, photo taking, animal loving, bingo enthusiast. I love art, writing and my plants:) I'm super excited to be part of the Talon team!...

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Sophie Bello

Staff Writer

Hi! My name is Sophie, and (finally) I'm a senior. My interests include creative writing and sailing, and I could sit in an art museum for hours on end, but am I particularly talented in that department? Eh. You can find me telling...

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