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A “Starry Night” (Prom)

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It’s that time of year again; prom is only a month away!  Aside from planning “promposals” and and picking out the perfect dress, there are a few things that you should know about prom this year.

The prom will take place on April 22nd at 7:30 pm until 11:30 pm at the Marriott Hotel downtown. This year’s prom will be slightly different from previous years because food stations will be available at the prom rather than having to eat before.

Updated Prom menu:

  • Classic caesar salad & minestrone soup
  • Freshly baked rosemary focaccia bread and sweet cream butter
  • Artisan pepperoni pizza
  • Fresh mozzarella & spicy marinara pizza
  • Grilled chicken & artichoke pizza
  • Basil pesto & fresh tomato pizza
  • Cheese ravioli in alfredo sauce
  • Oven‐roasted balsamic veggies


  • BBQ Shrimp
  • Mini Black Angus Sliders
  • Redskin potato frites filled with sour cream, smoked salmon & chives
  • Fromage pairing menu that will consist of  smoked cheddar & raspberry jam, triple cream brie & apricot chutney, crumbled bleu & roasted pecans, manchego & red peppered honey, seedless grapes, french baguette & assorted crackers
  • Seasonal fruit and berries
  • Mini sweets, which includes individual cheesecake bites, truffles & macaroons
  • Powdered sugar dusted cannolis & cinnamon sugar dusted zeppole
  • House made ice cream sandwiches with a choice of vanilla bean or Belgium chocolate ice cream sandwiched between fresh chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, m&m or peanut butter cookies
  • Charleston iced tea
  • Freshly brewed regular coffee, decaffeinated coffee and premium tea service
  • Water

Because of this new addition, the prom tickets will be slightly more expensive than usual; a single ticket is $55.00 or $90.00 per couple, which can be paid to Ms. Orr. According to Ms. Orr, “Btw…the sliders and the desserts are going to be AHMAZING!!! ”

If you plan on bringing a date to prom who is not an Academic Magnet student, you will need to fill out the guest permission slip form (attached below) with your date and must be turned in to Ms. Peterson or Ms. Pinckney by April 7. This guest permission slip form also includes information on the dress code and rules for anyone attending the prom. The prom committee has worked hard to make this a night to remember, so come enjoy yourself and dance the night away!

WHO: Academic Magnet Students and their dates (with permission slip)

WHAT: A “Starry Night”

WHEN: April 22nd 7pm-11pm

WHERE: Charleston Marriott, 170 Lockwood Blvd

Guest permission slip form:

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A “Starry Night” (Prom)